Chocolatey – Error: Collection is read-only

If you are a Windows Insider and received the latest Build 14331/14332 than you may have some troubles getting choco command running in a Powershell. If you try install a package – it doesn’t matter which – than you will get followin output:

(example of installing netscan)

What happend… a bug in Powershell. So, if you like to avoid this, than you have some options Smile

1) Go back to a stable previous Build

2) Wait, until everything gets fixed

3) do the following:

Open file “C:\ProgramData\Chocolatey\helpers\chocolateyScriptRunner.ps1”. Replace
in the header of that file by
as a quick fix. After that, you can try your install once again. It should now succeed.

Please see this post, where I got this fix from, for details:

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