Returning documents as one file back from Azure CosmosDB – Part II

In my previous post, I showed, how to get all documents of one collection into one single JSON-file. The best reason to do it this way, is you can use a browser, being independent from the Hardware. But that has a drawback in some situation. If your documents content is to big/large, than the Data Explorer cannot concatenate all together, wherefore it results in paging. ..Not what we want, bad!

There is another option on getting all documents from CosmosDB into one JSON file. The “Data migration tool” for Azure CosmosDB. It’s pretty easy to install and use. Just hold your connection string ready. I will not duplicate content, that is covers more details on, how to use and what to fill in, to get the right output. So, take this post a hint to this tool. I used it very often for various tasks, why I like to recommend, to have a look at this. Visit here

If you have experiences with Data migration tool, let me know and leave a comment.

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