Getting from CSV to JSON is pretty easy

Mar 26, 2018 Dev, General

Getting from CSV to JSON is pretty easy

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This is a short reminder for myself, but could be helpfull for someone else out there. Nothing new!

I often look for easy solution, that resolve “easy” problems. This is one: “Convert something to something”.

After looking arround in the outer spheres of Internet, I realize, that OoB tools can do the job better or at least without any dependencies or such things.

So, how to convert a regular CSV to JSON? Take PowerShell!

Get-Content -Path $csvPath | ConvertFrom-Csv -Delimiter "`t" | ConvertTo-Json | Set-Content -Path $jsonPath -Encoding UTF8

It’s easy, isnt’it 🙂

By Thomas Tomow

As a Managing Consultant, I am working at Alegri in Stuttgart/Germany. There I keep focusing with a team specialized in IoT, UX/Design and DevOps on preparing customers for the next digital future. I have been working as IT Consultant, IT Architect and lead developer with skills in .NetFramework, agile methodologies like Scrum and much more for nearly 2 decades. In the last few years I started focusing in IoT & Digitalization strategies in enterprise scenarios. Manly I used Microsofts Azure Cloud, to support customers in letting their visions become true. Sharing knowledge and practicing principles is something, that I like very much. Therefore I am also Co-Administrator of Azure-Meetup group in Stuttgart, where I'd also like to share my experiences. With this I was awarded in november by Microsoft as a MVP (Most Valuable Professional).

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